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Fryd Extracts is a company that Specializes in creating high-quality, innovative, and flavorful vaping products. Fryd Extracts products are made with top notch ingredients and are designed to provide users with an unparalleled vaping experience. These 2 gram disposables are ideal for those who want a longer and more intense experience. The 2gram fryd disposables come with a variety of flavors, allowing users to find the perfect blend for their individual taste.


  • Wild Baja Blast (Hybrid)
  • Guava Gelato (Hybrid)
  • BlueBerry Zlushie (Hybrid)
  • Tropicana Smoovie (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Heads (Hybrid)
  • Strawberry Lemoncello (Hybrid)
  • Orange Gobstopper (Hybrid)
  • Tangie Taffy (Hybrid)

FRYD Extracts 2 Gram Liquid Diamond Live Resin Disposable