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Available Strains:

The Silk (Hybrid) - THC:23.86%

French Alps (Indica) - THC:27.43%

Blewtooth (Indica) - THC:25.22%

Supreme Cream (Hybrid) - THC:27.43%

Cereal Milk (Hybrid) -THC:34.61%

Blue Flame OG (Indica) -THC:27.69%

Kush Mountains (Hybrid) -THC:29.29%

Gluetopia (Hybrid) -THC:28.96%

Whiteout (Hybrid) -THC:29.76%

Blue Crush (Hybrid) -THC:23.62%

Private Reserve OG (Indica) -THC:38.88%

White Walker OG (Indica) -THC:27.92%

Kush Milk (Hybrid) -THC:31.54%

GM-UHOH (Hybrid) -THC:36.78%

Highuasca (Hybrid) -THC:31.00%

Glueflame (Hybrid) -THC:30.40%

Jet Lag OG (Indica) -THC:26.03%


The team at CBX has been deep in the cannabis industry since the days when the trade was primarily underground, collecting rare heirloom genetics & breeding award winning strains with one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles found nowhere else in the game. During this time, we have developed and perfected techniques that allow us to consistently produce potent, highly resinous, Cannabis Cup award winning quality, every single time we get down.

CBX Cannabiotix 3.5 Grams